Ordering & Delivery

Once you have made the exciting decision to commission a piece of handmade furniture and you have agreed all the specifications with Callum, it will be time for him to get started on your order.

Initial Deposit
Based on your requirements Callum will let you know what the expected total cost is is. This is when you will be asked to put down a 30% deposit. Then the timber can be sourced. While your table, chair or furniture is being handmade in the workshop. Callum is always available to keep you up to date with progress.

Ready to Go
A week or so before delivery, Callum will get in touch with you to you let you know the piece of furniture is ready. Wherever possible he likes his customers to view the table in the showroom to make sure that they have just what they were hoping for. Once the remainder of the payment is settled, you can agree a delivery date.

Delivering Your Furniture
Most likely the next time you’ll see Callum is when the furniture arrives at your home, as if he can, he likes to deliver and install the pieces himself.